Using Microgreens in your Meals

by Meri on May 22, 2014


We’ve been experimenting with planting our own microgreens using a hydroponic kit I found online and now we are using them up in our meals! The kids and I planted 3 varieties. Wish I could tell you more about which one they actually are in the picture above but my kids took the labels I created and told me they put them in the “mail”. Apparently the mailbox is the shredder in the garage. Goodbye labels. I do know for certain the purple ones  in the middle are indeed radish greens. Spicy! 

As I mentioned in my last post, microgreens have more nutrients than the adult plants making them a great way to increase your nutrient intake in an easy, no fuss way. Instead of preparing them in elaborate recipes I really like the idea of using them in quick every day meals. Since I can grow them often they’re easy to throw on the side of something I’m already making to add more veggies into the day. 

Here’s a few ways I’ve used them so far:



Bagel Thin with Hummus and Micrograms

I stole this idea from my pal Wendy Jo Peterson. This is one of my favorites. So simple and delicious!

Simply toast your bagel thin, spread a layer of hummus, add the microgreens on top and you have breakfast!



Topping off a sandwich or burger with greens is a simple way to go and adds a whole new dimension of flavor. I especially liked pairing the spicy radish greens with a burger! Perfect flavor combination!











And last but not least, they add loads of flavor to a regular old salad. Especially those spicy radish greens! 

Microgreens are a simple way to grow something indoors to add some extra nutritional value to your meals. Would love to hear how you use micro greens…I’ll have them around regularly now that I know how simple they are to grow!

Microgreen growing kits:

Growing Microgreens

Reclaimed Microgardens

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