Date and Walnut Drops

by Meri on April 1, 2013


I love sweets. So much that I need to find ways to incorporate healthy ingredients and less sugar and fats so I feel satisfied and not deprived. I also like that my kids are exposed to different types of sweets. While there’s a time and place for an Oreo or cake, my kids love things like blueberry crisp or baked cinnamon apples that contain far less sugar and fats than typical desserts. One of my favorite blogs, Regan Jones’ Professional Palate, introduces this concept of adding healthy ingredients to desserts and she does it well. She also is a Registered Dietitian and a mom and creates all sorts of amazing recipes, not just desserts. I got the opportunity to share one of my favorite recipes over there which was fun for me!

If you enjoy the flavor of fruits and nuts mixed together then you will love this very simple Mediterranean dessert, Date and Walnut Drops



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