Cooking Light- The Food Lover’s Healthy Habits Cookbook

by Meri on April 12, 2013








Do you ever read Cooking Light magazine? It’s one of my favorites. I’ve always loved the articles and tips, and the recipes are exactly my speed. One of my colleagues, Janet Helm, recently wrote a new cookbook called Cooking Light The Food Lover’s Healthy Habits Cookbook and I was given a chance to review a copy. Now…I’m not a newbie to Cooking Light…I’ve subscribed to the magazine on and off for years and have several of their cookbooks on my bookshelf.  When I got this copy I was expecting one of their traditional cookbooks, a compilation of recipes from the year with a few tips here and there, which was not the case. While I enjoy all of their cookbooks, this one I love.

What makes this book different? It’s full of culinary and nutrition tips from experts along with working solutions for regular families who have unique challenges. I love the way this book is set up. You can open to any page and find something interesting to read and each section is brief and informative. It’s almost like having the magazine in a book if that makes any sense.

As a dietitian I love this style because it’s easy to pick up a few new pieces of information and practical enough that you can actually try new ways of eating and cooking without a lot of drama. For instance, you can easily read an article online about the health benefits of a food, let’s say something like spelt, but until someone provides you with some basic cooking guidelines and recipes you’ll likely never try it. That’s why I love books like this. Taking information about healthy foods and bringing it straight into the kitchen so it’s easy to try new ways of eating.

The book is based on their 12 healthy steps program and covers information like meal planning, avoiding cooking mistakes, simplifying meals, flavor combinations, cooking grains, and how to do all of this with a busy schedule! You’ll find much more but these were some of the sections I enjoyed the most.

In true Cooking Light fashion, the recipes are easy to follow and tasty with lots of images to keep you inspired. So far I’ve tried the Tandoori-Spiced Chicken, Zucchini Oven Chips (Mark adored), and of course the Herbed Chicken Salad because I have a small obsession with chicken salad recipes (ok, it’s a large obsession). As always, they were all fabulous and simple to prepare.

Congrats to Janet Helm! This is a truly a great resource!



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