Making Time for Resolutions

by Meri on January 5, 2013

It’s that time of year again where everyone is fired up about their goals for the new year. Health and career seem to always be at the top of the list, which I can tell from my facebook and twitter feeds buzzing like crazy. I actually enjoy the energy in the air this time of year and have my own personal goals set. Mine are simple. I want to focus on my health this year which will include drinking more water (I’m terrible at drinking water), continuing my quest to eat 5 to 9 fruits and vegetables each day and have an acupuncture treatment once a month to help me with my chronic sleep issues.

It’s simple to make goals, get excited and charge into action but it’s often the small preparation steps that can make you more successful at achieving them long term. It’s not a lack of motivation that makes people forget their goals in February and March. Instead it’s those old habits that creep back in and take over. Habits are strong so it takes time and consistency to make real changes. Part of that change has to be allowing yourself proper time and planning to make your goals a reality. For instance, I know for my simple water goal, I need to have certain times of days that are “reminders” for me to drink. First thing in the morning when I take my thyroid medication is a good start. Other ritual times like meals and pick up from preschool will also work for me. Since I know myself WELL…I do get busy during the day and forget, even with those trigger times, so I’m also going to set some reminders on my cell phone.

The fruits and vegetables are always a work in progress and something I think about each and every day. My daily reminder is simply looking down at my meal three times a day. Are there several servings of fruits and vegetables? No, then add some, even if it’s some raw cucumbers.

Acupuncture on the other hand requires that I make room in my schedule. I believe this is one of the problems why those who want to exercise regularly fall off the wagon. It’s easy to squeeze it in here and there but you’re likely to be more successful if you make room in your schedule so if you miss it there’s a gaping hole of time and you’re left wondering what to do.

My schedule is about to change dramatically. My nanny is moving away and instead of hiring someone new we have enrolled the kids into preschool 3 days a week. This means I will go from having help 12 hours a week down to about 8 hours. I still work so that means I really have to focus on what projects I can take on for work (not much in 8 hours a week) while still leaving a little time to take care of my health. I know that I need to schedule at least one of those hours for acupuncture each month which isn’t going to be easy for me. One thing I know about myself is I can easily get excited about work projects and fill every once of free time I have. For instance, I’m already working on a new book proposal with my coauthor Wendy Jo Peterson, a project I love but also know is going to take up every little bit of kid free time I have. That’s why I’m making it a priority to have one hour a month designated for acupuncture, standing appointment, can’t miss. After all, if I can’t sleep I’m no good to anyone.

My goals are not huge but I believe strongly in small goals and preparation to assure you can reach them consistently. What’s your goals? How do you make room for them?

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Marcia @Frugal Healthy Simple January 5, 2013 at 4:26 pm

Definitely make the time! Sleep is so important. I did acupuncture while pregnant because I wasn’t sleeping and it made a HUGE difference. I went weekly at the end, and I at least got 3 days a week of solid sleep.


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