A Walking Sort of Family

by Meri on December 19, 2012

We are lucky in Southern California that the weather never gets too cold even in the evening so we can get out to see the Christmas lights on hoof instead of the car. I do miss a white Christmas but it’s been quite enjoyable going out for an evening walk especially during the witching hours which for us is right after dinner. We throw the kids in their jammies, put on shoes and coats and off we go. I love watching them run and giggle as we cut through the greenbelt in complete darkness…they are giddy like Halloween night.

I was reflecting on walking the other day. I don’t ever recall my parents taking us for walks. We were quite active outdoors but no regular family walks or simply walking to a destination instead of taking the car. Since my husband and I walk more often with our kids I hope it becomes part of their normal routine as they get older.

Casual walks don’t necessarily replace regular exercise (unless you’re power walking or taking hills, etc) but I’m a huge proponent of light physical activity. Basically, I think we sit too much. We’ve created a society where basic movement isn’t necessary. I often wonder if people took a casual walk daily how it might affect their overall health in the long run. Obviously it will help both physically and mentally, but to what extent. Many of my past clients would have to squeeze in a walk in their busy agendas so it became something they felt they had to do instead of something they looked forward to. I get it…if it’s not something you do regularly and you’re already too busy it can become a hassle.

Kids can learn from an early age that going for a walk means something really fun is going to happen like going to the park, visiting friends, hanging out at Starbucks or seeing Christmas lights. My kids are so over-the-moon excited when we walk anywhere you’d think we told them we’re going to Disney. I wonder if regular family walking at an early age will lead them to want to be more physically active in their adult years. Time will tell. For now, going to see the lights every couple of nights is becoming one of our favorite holiday past times. I know I can’t have my white Christmas but the evening walks are certainly a unique California perk!

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Marcia December 19, 2012 at 11:27 pm

Mike has started walking Nick to school on Weds mornings. They love it!


Meri January 2, 2013 at 2:59 am

Love that! Nice father/son bonding time.


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