Window Sill Herb Garden

by Meri on November 28, 2012










I planted some fresh herbs in pots to grow on my front porch but…as expected, I didn’t remember to water them. I thought by the time my kids hit 3 years old I’d be able to tackle more of my yard and keeping things alive. Apparently amidst the potty training, temper tantrums and new preschool hours I was dead wrong. Meaning my herbs are literally dead with no sign of life. I know the problem is that I don’t see them in front of me when they are outside so as I walk in the front door thinking, “I need to go water those plants”, I get distracted instantly with some sort of small child crisis like, “Birdie took my truck!!!”, “I had an accident”, “I need juice!!”, “The boy pushed me!!!”  “I have a tiny ball in my ear!!!” and then I instantly forget about the dry,  sad plants out front.

I really like cooking with fresh herbs but hate buying tiny packages of them at the store. Those small packages cost about $2.79 for one time use when you can buy an organic plant for $3.29 and use it for months. So, my solution: I planted some herbs in small pots to sit on my window sill and so far so good! I can remember to water them because they’re right in front of me so they won’t die of a long drought. The only trick with such small pots is to continuously use the herbs so they don’t grow too big for the pot.

Fresh herbs are high in omega-three fatty acids and also have other helpful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Many herbs, like basil for example, also protect against bacteria. Just another simple way to get more plant based foods in your diet. Most important, you can create delicious foods very simply with the addition of fresh herbs. You can throw together a simple tomato salad with fresh basil and a small amount of vinegar and oil with more flavor than dousing the same salad with store bought dressing.

The kids enjoy picking off a few stems and adding to the meal we’re creating. They watch in wonderment as the green herbs get stirred in the pot and it has prompted them to make they’re own pretend salads out of roses and leaves when they play outside. Anything to keep them busy.









For me…I’m just happy to have basil at my fingertips all the time. Basil is one of my top 10 favorite ingredients up there with goat cheese and polenta! That sounds like a good mix…


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