Music is good for the soul

by Meri on November 9, 2012









It’s interesting to see the traits your kids pick up from you. Of course you can see the family resemblences and certain mannerisms but sometimes it’s surprising to see things emerge you wouldn’t expect. Birdie loves music. Ever since she could sit up she’s been playing preprogrammed songs on her little toy piano. As she’s gotten older she’s started  having favorite songs. In the car it’s a particular song from Joss Stone and each time it ends she yells, “AGAIN!” in a demanding tone. At home she’s been playing “Let it Be” by the Beatles over and over and over on her piano (preprogrammed, she’s not Mozart yet :-)). Speaking of Mozart, she will stop dead in her tracks whenever she hears classical music too, she loves it all.

While “Let it Be” is getting a little old as my daily theme song when washing dishes, making lunch or helping someone get to the potty chair, I completely get it. I spent countless hours in my room listening to music as a kid. If you’re of my generation you’ll remember sitting patiently listening to the radio with your recorder sitting right next to it so you could quickly hit record the second your favorite song came on. Of course you always got part of the announcer or the beginning of another song or commercial at the end. It didn’t matter because you captured your song and could now play it over and over at nauseum.

I love that she has this special “connection” with music as it can help you celebrate, let loose and get goofy and also be calming and relaxing. Her great-grandfather was a pianist and Dean of Music at Gonzaga University so maybe she’ll have some musical talents emerging.

I find music is a great way to “change” your mood especially during stressful toddler breakdowns. When things get crazy I often just say, “it’s time to dance” and put on some fun music or if they are in the “red zone” I’ll play George Winston or classical music to help calm the mood of the room. Research supports this “calming” effect and also shows that music helps with language development and better test scores as they move into grade-school age. 

Because I think music is important for your well-being I simply let, “let it be” be the background theme the entire day…over and over and over and over again. Good thing I’m a Beatles over the Stones kind of person.


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