Kale Smoothie for Kids

by Meri on April 4, 2012

Ok…I know I’ve been on a bit of a smoothie kick lately, but I’m determined to get more nutrients into these three picky 2-year olds I have. So far every smoothie is working beautifully! I found this one yesterday and as I read the author’s post about getting 50 children to drink and enjoy this kale smoothie I was excited yet skeptical. You see…I know all the tips, tricks and advice that professionals give regarding picky eaters. I’ve followed all of it and it still doesn’t matter. My pickiest eater Tiny still will only eat a handful of foods. Despite her strong will I continue to provide a variety of fruits and vegetables each meal in the hopes that some day when she wants to eat more she won’t be frightenend when seeing a dark green food on her plate.

As I started to make this smoothie my initial thoughts were…I don’t think they’re going to like this but heck, I’ll drink it! I love all vegetables and this looked delightful to me. There was a sort of excitement in the air since they usually love whatever comes out of the blender and I was loving the idea of this recipe. They gathered around the counter, jumping and dancing as if they were waiting for Santa coming down the chimney. We watched as the blender rumbled with ice and the green foamy drink appeared. Then…SUCCESS! All three of my kids loved it and Tiny came up and asked for more “nummy nummys.” There you have it! Straight from the picky 2-year old’s mouth.

I’ve used Kale in smoothies before, but what I love about this recipe is you can still taste the kale instead of completely hiding it. The dietitian in me really wants them to enjoy the flavor of vegetables and become comfortable with different foods instead of always resorting to hiding the flavor. I’m ecstatic that this recipe worked for us!

You can find the recipe here at For the Love of Food Blog

Thank you to Sonnet for a great recipe and inspiring me to do more with kale!

Photo and recipe owned by For the Love of Food Blog

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Sonnet April 4, 2012 at 7:12 pm

Thanks Meri – this just made my day! I’m so glad the kids enjoyed it! :)


Meri April 10, 2012 at 6:18 pm

Thank you Sonnet- it has become a regular in our house over the last week and everyone still enjoys it– I added a little cantaloupe this morning in place of one banana and that worked well too!


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