No-bake Peanut butter lentil granola bars

by Meri on March 17, 2012












Happy St. Patrick’s day to you!

On my agenda today is to make shamrock sugar cookies with the kids. While I’m not Irish, my kids are so we need to represent! Sure…I might just have a beer later on as well! Cooked cabbage? Yes, I can do that. Corned beef? Ummm…I have to draw the line somewhere. Not my cup of tea.

This morning as I was playing around on pinterest looking for various St. Patrick day foods, I ran into this recipe I had previously pinned and was compelled to try it. No bake peanut butter bars with…lentils? Huh? Oh my. I have to tell you I felt this complex range of emotions. I was nostalgic, thinking about the no-bake cookies from my childhood that I loved, excited because all my kids love peanut butter and thrilled to find a snack that doesn’t contain more flour (we are so floured out around here), but lentils? I just can’t imagine lentils in a peanut butter bar, but let me tell you…it made me downright giddy to try it out! Imagine, giving your kids a simple peanut butter bar and little do they know the secret ingredient is healthy. To top it all off I had all the ingredients on hand except the dried dates so I used raisins.

I really ended up loving these bars. The texture is perfect with a great peanut buttery taste. We could have used a little more sweetness in my family, but in all fairness, she added a lot more dried dates to her recipe, I only had about 1/4th cup of raisins so I likely lost a lot of sweetness there. So stay on track with the recipe and if you don’t have the dried fruit on hand I would add up to 3 tablespoons of honey. Other than that they were a hit and the lentils helped make a really wonderful texture. I’m excited as these make a great snack food for toddlers, even picky ones.

Now I can’t help but to think of other bars I could make with lentils…maybe chocolate peanut butter bars like the old no-bake cookies of my past.

Here’s the recipe!

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David S. March 17, 2012 at 11:10 pm

Those look good!


Natalie March 18, 2012 at 2:47 pm

So glad you liked them! I don’t like my granola bars to be too sweet but I didn’t think about other people, especially kids, wanting them sweeter – I’ll go back and edit the recipe to add a note about that – thanks for the idea!


Meri March 18, 2012 at 3:05 pm

Thank you for the recipe Natalie! I definitely didn’t add as much fruit as your recipe called for so that might be why. It’s a really great recipe and I’ll be using it often…so happy to have some bars that are flour free!


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