Wagon Rides

by Meri on February 10, 2012

Making room for exercise is quite a challenge for me these days. The biggest obstacle is that I don’t enjoy gym type of exercises. The way I see it, you’re either a gym person or you’re not. I always preferred getting outside for a walk, hike or swim. Plus I only have 2 days a week when I have help and that time is devoted to work and various appointments. Two days a week isn’t frequent enough for regular exercise either so my temporary solution is wagon rides.

As a triplet mom there’s a few things you learn right off the bat: How to feed 3 infants at once, how to get them to sleep without waking each other, and that you must have a choo choo wagon. The choo choo wagon looks like a small train and it’s the way you can go to parks, zoos, and walks while keeping toddlers contained. Here’s what we look like on our walk:

Going on daily wagon rides allows me to get a little cardio and strength training (pulling near 100 pounds- yikes!) and gets the kiddos outside for some fresh air. It’s really a win-win situation. With my regular route I start out flat (to warm up), hit a long yet gradual hill, go down, up a sharp hill and then flat again. It’s a great work out, but there is one downside. I keep remembering something from my hospital working days about not pulling heavy objects because of your back. So when Birdie’s physical therapist was at the house I asked her about the safety of pulling the wagon and sure enough it’s not good for your lower back. Stupid ergonomics! She suggested that I turn around on the hills and pull walking backwards to take the pressure off my back. No problem!

Now, let me tell you. Walking with 3 toddlers in a choo choo wagon draws a lot of attention. Walking backwards pulling a choo choo wagon up a hill just looks ridiculous. Especially since I have to continuously look behind me to assure I don’t trip on the sidewalk, walk into something, or worse…step in something. At least I’ve gotten to a point where I can tune out ongoer’s looks and comments…the usual, “you’ve got your hands full comments” or “that’s a workout!”. I just smile, nod and move on my way. My kids think it’s hilarious when I face them pulling. We chat about the weather and once in awhile they’ll point to let me know of impending danger (a jogger or dog walker approaching).

Even with my new crazy pulling strategy, I’ll still choose doing this walk of mine because it’s the best way for me to get some exercise and at the same time enjoy some outdoor time discovering new things with my kids. For all you triplet moms out there…heed my warning: Please check with a physical therapist or personal trainer before pulling your choo choo up hills for exercise because I don’t want to be responsible for any back injuries!

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Esther March 3, 2012 at 3:40 am

I’ve been *trying* to get exercise via pulling the babes in the choo-choo as well! My strategy is to keep the handle as close to my side as possible, and track of time I pull with each arm. Backwards uphill? Of, course! I keep my head down, obviously listening to music to dissuade onlookers from commenting. Big sunglasses help, and so does huffing and puffing in a serious I’m-working-out sort of way. People just step aside and let me pass. :)


Meri March 3, 2012 at 3:20 pm

Love it Esther!


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