Finding time to meditate

by Meri on February 29, 2012

I am a big fan of meditation for stress management and keeping your body healthy. Research supports that it can help reduce your risk of  heart disease, decrease chronic pain and boost your immune system. More and more I feel I need to make time for some sort of deep breathing or meditation because I have one of those nervous energy type of personalities and toddlers can really rattle a person’s nerves. I find I go to bed thinking about my to-do list over and over while the “wheels on the bus go round and round” is stuck in my head playing on repeat. So, you can see a little time to clear the slate would do me some good.

Before kids I had this wonderful routine I truly miss. I’d get up early in the morning and go to our den that had a large window overlooking some trees. I’d do a little yoga, nothing big, just a few sun salutations and then I’d sit and focus on my breath for 20 minutes, feeling the sun shining through the window on my face. It felt so great having this little ritual each day. Afterwards I’d slowly sip some green tea as I eased into my morning feeling calm and refreshed.

Now my wake up call is the same time each day, but includes Tiny yelling, “DAAAADDDDD!!!, DAAAADDDDD!!!” even though I’m the one who gets her up every morning. It seems like there’s no ideal time anymore for a few minutes of meditation. I’m not a fan of meditating before bed because I have my other favorite ritual of reading a book in bed, which helps me to get tired and “turn off” from the day.

That pretty much leaves only one other kid-free time during the day…nap time. I’ve been fighting with myself over this one for awhile. Personally, I find taking care of 3 toddlers physically exhausting so, I love to collapse on the couch, eat my lunch in quiet and watch one of my favorite shows I’ve recorded on the DVR. I also use nap time to get dinner prepped so it just seemed there wouldn’t be enough time. Then that pesky voice came into my head and said, “what about just 5 minutes?” Well…that’s what I tried and it turns out, despite all my internal battles, it worked out quite nicely. I had time to collapse on the couch for a 30 minutes, prep dinner, fall back into the couch and focus on my breath for 5 minutes. It actually felt so great to turn off my brain for a few minutes I almost fell asleep. Time will tell if I can make it a new ritual…that is until my kids stop napping. When does that happen?

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